Chromeless Widgets Page

Framework for building a page that's largely external to the rest of the site and uses widgets for all of its content.

Chronological Posts

Globably reverses the post order to be chronological, so that your site can display a journal or a book in chronological order.

Content Slideshow

Creates an automatic slideshow that randomly cycles through all of your site's image content. Includes full-screen, widget, and shortcode version

CSS3 Transitions

Automatically adds CSS3 transitions to your website/blog and the WordPress admin. Links, etc. get animated transitions between their normal and hover

Featured Audio

Add featured audio to your posts and pages, like featured images.

Featured Image in Content

If you switch to a theme that doesn't show featured images on single posts, activate this plugin to show them in the content area.

Fourteen Colors

Customize the colors of the Twenty Fourteen Theme, directly within the Customizer.

Login Site Icon

Display your site icon instead of the WordPress icon on the login screen.

Modular Custom CSS

Manage and live-preview theme-specific and plugin-specific Custom CSS in the Customizer.


Add quick social sharing functions to your content. Challenge social sharing norms with a flexible design and fast performance.

Sheet Music Library

Add a sheet music library, including PDFs, audio, descriptions and more to your site.

Thirteen Colors

Customize the bold colors of the Twenty Thirteen Theme, directly within the customizer.