USC Village Construction – August 2016

Precast installation is substantially complete, and site paving has begun. Meanwhile, the majority of the work now focuses on the interiors.

5 thoughts on “USC Village Construction – August 2016

  1. Great update, glad you are back!!

    2 questions:
    – Does the spire get another piece for the very top, looks like it does from the renderings.

    – Can you take some pics of the other construction around campus? I know they recently completed Fertitta Hall, look forward to seeing how that turned out.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks! The spire is now complete, although a couple of the finials are missing on the third tier. I’ll be posting updates on some of the other projects soon too.

  2. Another thank you for the update. Great stuff, especially good to see some of the interiors coming together. Very curious how the street improvements on Jefferson including the new Trousdale entryway come together.

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