USC Village Construction – October 2016

Sitework continues to transform the USC Village site, as concrete paving and landscaping installations make it feel more and more like an extension of the main campus. This month featured completion of the landscaping in the Building 4 and 9 courtyards, as well as tree installations at the lower and dining courtyards of Building 4 and between Building 1 & 9. Inside, the first round of residential units was completed in Building 4, as it races to its anticipated temporary certificate of occupancy in January 2017.

8 thoughts on “USC Village Construction – October 2016

  1. Thanks for the view of the courtyards especially this time! Looking forward to additional milestones in the next two months including laying down the other pathways.

    Question: is the old BofA building still on track to be demolished in January?

    Thanks again for all your hard work on these updates.

    1. Thanks! The old building is currently scheduled to be vacated and demolished in early April – that’s the latest that that work can happen with everything completing on time. There are still 50+ people working in this site office daily, so the revised schedule minimizes the need for additional temporary site office space.

  2. Thank you Nick for the reply, makes sense. Going forward, I’m particularly excited about the Jefferson improvements including the new Trousdale entry into campus, as a great side benefit of the new village.

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