The Twisted Savonius Wind Turbine Model in Operation at 30rpm
Geometry of the Twisted Savonius Wind Turbine

Interactive Geometry Diagrams

In order to assist the documentation of the geometry of the Twisted Savonius wind turbine, interactive geometry diagrams have been created and included (using the Geometry Expressions export to html5/JS App feature and aided by Euclid’s Muse). All of these apps are featured in context throughout the Dynamic Documentation section. Below, all of these interactive apps are embedded one after another, in order of apearance.

The Top View

A Geometric Proof

The Chord Angle Theorem

The Cyclic Quadrilateral Theorem

The Full “3d” Side View Model (without blade surfaces/traces)

The Elliptical Rotation that allows the “3d” models to work

The Squeeze – a Squeezing Side View Model

Cello Expressions