Terms and Conditions

Cello Expressions Sheet Music Library strives to make music accessible to a broad range of cellists and ensembles (as well as other instruments). All music on this site is available free of charge. However, some arrangements (non-original works) may be subject to various copyrights.

If you hold a copyright to the original version of a piece published on this site, please contact me and I can remove it.

If you wish to attain various rights to copyrighted works that have arrangements available here, please contact the original publisher/rights holder. I can assist with authorized rights for arrangements as needed, but I cannot facilitate this process. Licensing for works that I can control the license of is below.

Public Domain and Original Works

Arrangements of works that are in the public domain, and original works composed by Nick Halsey, are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License
Due to the complexities of copyright laws internationally, I am not able to list copyright status on a per-piece basis in this sheet music library. In the United States, where I am based, all music written before 1923 is in the public domain, meaning that my arrangements are licensed per above. The process of determining copyright status of pieces composed after 1923 is complicated, so I no longer create new arrangements of music written after 1923 unless I am sure of its copyright status or unless another party (such as the Boulder Cello Project) specifically requests the arrangement, in which case they work to attain the appropriate licensing for their performances. You would need to seek similar licensing for your uses for those pieces.