Fourteen Colors Gets Instant Live Preview

For anyone still using the Twenty Fourteen theme with custom colors via the Fourteen Colors plugin, now would be a good time to try on a fresh coat of paint. I’ve just released version 1.4 of the plugin, which adds instant live-preview of base colors with all colors updating without a page refresh on a slight delay. This leverages the customizer’s selective refresh API added in 4.5 and is based on the same logic that powers the custom highlight color plugin. I’m leveraging this framework in all of my upcoming themes and will be posting a walkthrough of the code in the coming weeks. Here’s a quick visual demo of the new experience:

fourteen colors postmessage & selective refresh demo

An Update for Figure/Ground

I’ve updated my Figure/Ground theme on (which also powers this blog) with a few nice enhancements:

  • All options in the customizer are now instantly live-previewed with postMessage.
  • Add support for selective refresh in the customizer for widgets, and generated colors.
  • There is now a social icon menu.
  • Redraw the background canvas when the page is resized to avoid pixelization.
  • Improve keyboard navigation (although this still needs additional work).
  • Update Genericons to version 3.4.1.

The new customization experience is the most notable enhancement. See every color change instantly as you play with it in the color picker, without any delay. Enjoy!

QuickShare 1.4

I recently released version 1.4 of QuickShare, my favorite social content-sharing WordPress plugin. There are several new features, tweaks and bugfixes, in what is the most notable update since version 1.0.

My favorite feature is the addition of a

shortcode (that’s the shortcode – it’s just “quickshare”). This allows you to place QuickShare exactly where you want within the post/page, and you can even have multiple instances. The best part is that adding this extremely versatile feature was super easy, it only took 5 lines of code (including the comment). That’s the power of WordPress!