USC ASCE Blog Posts

As I complete my three-year period involved in the leadership of USC ASCE, I want to add an archival link here to the content I created for its blog. I built the site from scratch my freshman year and it’s been going strong with the Twenty Fourteen theme for three years now. I wrote well over 100 posts on the blog over the past 3 years, easily my largest collection of work to date:

Concrete Canoe: DiSCovery II

For the second year, I was a part of USC ASCE‘s Concrete Canoe Team. We had a great year, placing 6th overall in our competition a year after placing 14th. The Concrete Canoe competition is one of the biggest competitions for civil engineering students in the country, with hundreds of schools participating each year. USC is in the Pacific Southwest Conference, which has 18 universities that bring over 1,000 students each year.

Content Slideshow Plugin

I released the Content Slideshow plugin on a few weeks ago. It’s intended for a very specific use-case, but is extremely useful if you’re looking for this type of a solution.

We use it at USC ASCE to automatically create a slideshow of all of the pictures we’ve uploaded to our blog. This is pretty useful when we’re recruiting members because we can open it on a tablet or project it and have it running in the background while we talk to prospective members.